Solar System: The Ultimate Guide

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We will go through everything you should know regarding solar panels and solar energy systems!

  • Anatomy of  Solar System
  • Application of Solar System
  • Top Solar System Suppliers in China
What to know

Types of Solar System

In case you did not know, solar companies offer different types of solar power systems. But in general, they fall into three different categories.

Off Grid Solar System
Off-Grid Solar System
On Grid Solar System
On-Grid Solar System
Hybrid Solar System-1
Hybrid Solar System
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Anatomy of A Solar System

So, for a solar system to be effective, it will need a couple of materials. And if you want to know how the process produces electricity, you need to have a fair idea about these components.

products of solar system supplier
Solar Panel
Solar Inverter
Batteries of Solar System

Why Need It?

Solar energy setups can bring a lot to the table, thanks to the high efficiency of solar panels.


Solar panels will allow you to save a lot on energy costs in the long run.

Independent Use without Grid

When you are relying on off-grid and renewable energy, you are not dependent on public utilities. That is being energy independent in a nutshell.

Clean Energy

The power that you will get from the solar panels will not produce elements that will harm the environment.

Wide range of applications

Application of Solar System

Solar system power is pretty much for everyone. Its efficiency and ability to produce clean energy make it suitable for many use cases. However, among all of them, these are the criteria where the solar system energy sees the most use:


Our Services For Solar Companies

We offer a variety of quality services for solar companies. In addition to providing high-quality solar products, we can also provide solution design services for start-up companies.

Project Design for solar system

Solar System Solution Design

We offer solution design services for companies that do not have engineers. A scientific solar system design will allow you to get the most out of your equipment and bring more customers.

Supply Chain

Young PV offers only quality solar accessories. Whether you are looking for solar panels, inverters, batteries or mounting brackets, you can consult our sales consultants.

Technology Support

Young PV provides a full range of technical support for solar companies. They benefit from our product system, installation system and after-sales management system, their sales are growing by leaps and bounds.

Custom solar system: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide is suitable for start-up solar companies. In this guide, you will find all information you need to know about custom solar system for your clients. 

Keep reading to learn more.

Solar Panels, inverters, batteries, panel stands and cables. Solar panels are used to absorb solar energy, inverters are used to convert electrical current, and batteries are used to store electrical energy. Of course, you also need panel stands to install the solar system and cables to connect them.

What are the components of a solar system
What are the components of a solar system

The life expectancy of the solar panels and the entire system depends on the quality of the materials. For example, if you have a solar panel setup that is of high-quality parts, you can expect it to last around 30 years. In general, you can expect solar panels to provide optimal performance for about 25 years.

Life Span of a Solar System
Life Span of a Solar System
  • Check your past energy bills and factor in your daily energy usage
  • Multiply the daily energy usage by 365, which will enable you to get your annual consumption
  • Then, you will need to check the energy expenditure of your local provider
  • Calculate the total annual energy expense by multiplying the energy usage with the rate
  • Put the size of the solar system that you plan to get or have in your mind
  • Determine the percentage of solar consumption
  • Check the feed-in tariff and determine how much you can make by selling the excess solar energy to the grid
Solar power can save you a lot of money
Solar power can save you a lot of money

The photovoltaic cells of the solar panels require sunlight to produce electricity. And at night, there is no sunlight, which means that the solar panels will not be capable of producing electricity at night.

Do solar panels work at night
Do solar panels work at night?

The solar panel manufacturers recommend cleaning the solar panels two to four times per year. It is also a good idea to use a monitoring app that tracks the amount of energy that solar panels produce. When you notice a drop in production, you should give the solar panels a good clean.

Solar system maintenance
Solar system maintenance

When purchasing solar panels, you should check out the offerings of multiple solar panel manufacturers.

In terms of the inverters, make sure that you are getting the right one for your system.

If you want to save some money on batteries, you should go for lead acid.

It is always a good idea to get high-quality cables for the solar power system. But you can definitely save money in this case too!


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